Supper Muffin Club

All the food that's fit to cook. In a Muffin Pan.

Who is Supper Muffin Club?


Supper Muffin Club is the name, meals in a muffin pan is our game!

Hello, Welcome to Supper Muffin Club (SMC) a site devoted to the kitchen tool known as the muffin pan and its variety of applications.

“What’s a supper muffin?” you ask.  A supper muffin is a meal in a muffin pan.  Making supper in a muffin is fast and simple.  It’s a fun way to eat and they reduce waste/waist(s) because they are pre-portioned.

Here at SMC we are interested in cooking and cataloging every supper muffin, for you the eater. For anyone no matter the diet to find something that is as fun and easy to cook as it is to eat, and they come out looking so darn cute!  Each week we release a new recipe with photos and a short story or poem.  So please follow and pin us to stay updated with the newest muffins, we also love comments.

For a more entertaining explanation of our pledge to you please enjoy the video from our resident Muffin Man.

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Supper Muffin Club

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