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Frozen Herbs (Muffin)

Reminder! Use Unfiltered Olive Oil.

Reminder! Use Unfiltered Olive Oil.

Summer is ending and my herbs are starting to bolt.

But I’d like to enjoy them when it gets cold

So I’m freezing them, in an ice cube tray

And saving them for a chilly day

I first heard of this on Pinterest and thought to myself. “why haven’t I done this.” and “why haven’t I explored the ice cube tray before?”. the ice cube tray is only but a distant cousin of the muffin pan. like a poetic form, it has a structure for you to play within.

I took a trip to Extra Virgin, a specialty olive oil store located in Mystic CT, to find out which olive oil is the best to freeze.

So that’s what I did, walked in and asked, “what’s the best olive oil to freeze with?”.  It was clear from the owner’s face it wasn’t the typical question,  but he knew.

This is what I learned:  You want to use an unfiltered olive oil, one that still has olive pulp in it.  The pulp will act as a binder when freezing.  If you use a filtered olive oil the fat will separate, coagulate and rise to the top.  That’s what happened in my first try as you can see from the photos.  The liquid and fat separate and made a milky cube, go unfiltered and your ice cubes will freeze clear.  So when you make this muffin, remember to use Unfiltered Olive Oil.

I like going to local specialty stores where ever I am.  You can always find an expert willing to help you in these places.

I know this will come in hand in the winter months when fresh herbs aren’t around and you don’t want one of those obnoxious packages.


    • Take any herbs you have and put them in an ice cube tray.
    • Fill the cubes with 2/3rds herbs then fill with UNFILTERED olive oil.
    • Freeze.
Reminder! Use Unfiltered Olive Oil.

Reminder! Use Unfiltered Olive Oil.

What herbs did you grow this year?  Will you be freezing yours?


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